Back to school

Back to school

It has been all about back to school here this week as people prepare for their children to get back to a new sort of school.  We have been busy making personalised hand sanitiser bottles that will now be very much part of their daily routine.  These neat little bottles are really useful for enabling them to have a supply of hand sanitiser to hand and the fact that we can personalise them means that life is a little easier and they are more likely to use them, nothing like a bit of a novelty!

Our most popular request on them?  Glitter!  The pink glitter has been flying thru our printer this week!  It is nice to add a bit of personality to things and I love it when we get a bit of a unusual request!

You can find our bottles here.  Don't forget that we also do lovely little storage bags to hold gel bottles in and wrist lanyards to carry them around with which are really, really handy when you pair them with our door opener/stylus

We are even about to add these really funky wristband holders which are becoming a teenagers fashion item in other countries . . get them first here!





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