Cheeky penguins

Cheeky penguins

We have some new characters coming to join the festive fun at Lilybet Loves this year alongside our popular gonk range.  A sweet, and if at all possible cheeky Christmas ornament is just the ticket to make everyone smile so we have been searching for the perfect little friends for join our gang!  Step forward this absolutely adorable pengiun!  As soon as we saw him holding his lovely little gold star it was love!  He is just perfect to sit on a shelf and keep you smiling throughout the season.  Available on our shop now!

Our Christmas ornaments are made from smooth ceramic giving them a lovely shine and quality finish.  Treat them carefully and they should become a much loved part of your Christmas for years to come.  Just make sure you give him a really good name!  Mine is going to be Paddy, Paddy the penguin has just the right ring to it!

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