Discover our most popular product!

Discover our most popular product!

We are slowly establishing our shop and working hard to fill our catalogue of stock with interesting and useful things!  We are starting to learn what is popular and what might not be!  We have found that our first ever product has become our most popular item, probably because it is so flexible and useful as well as being fun!

Our insulated wine tumblers were something I'd been wanting to sell for a while, mainly because I'd wanted one myself and could only find them for sale in the USA with massive delivery costs!  Being a massive Real Housewives fan I thought they were so amusing!  Now I am lucky that I can produce them for other Housewife fans (as well as myself!). Once our customers have bought one they have come back for more which is brilliant!


I have been so busy that they are officially our first ever out of stock item!  This is a lovely little milestone for any new business! I have more on order along with some lovely variations, which look like being gorgeous for Christmas time.  They just scream hot chocolate!  Keep an eye out for what we find to create with them next!


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