Getting involved with festive Jingle Bells

Getting involved with festive Jingle Bells

There has been a bit of a viral phenomenom in our town this week!  A simple idea for Christmas Eve has gone viral with people from all over the country getting involved.  The idea is really simple and very sweet.  At 6.00 p.m. on Christmas Eve people are going to take to their doorsteps to Jingle Bells for Santa.  This means that not only can children get involved, they can hear the lovely sound of bells jingling around the streets as Santa sets off on his journey.

We decided to let our imagination run a little bit wild and have made our version of Santa Bells, straight from the North Pole!  They are the perfect size for little hands and we promise that they have the proper jingle noise!

Because they are hand made we can customise our bells for you, with a name, a different tag or different colours.  Just drop us a mesage in the notes section as you place your order and we will contact you to see what we can do!

Buy them here and get ready for a truly festive start to Christmas!


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