Gonks: can we even compare?

Gonks: can we even compare?

We love gonks here at Lilybet Loves.  We love sourcing them, getting new designs and we love how excited out customers get about them!

Lets face it, these little chaps are EVERYWHERE right now.  Seriously, everywhere!  Every major store is stocking them with stock selling out in record times.  So where do we fit in?  Unfortunately we are not able to make our own stock at the moment, my old hands can't take it and we simply can't keep up with the orders.  That leaves us trying hard to put together a range sourced elsewhere that will include a bit of something for everyone.


There are some amazingley talented people hand making gonks at the moment and they are ploughing out their place in the market.  There are also people buying them in cheaply and trying to make as much profit as possible.  We have spent the last year working on the middle ground and finding the better suppliers and better quality items via pre-sales so that we can build our customer base and see what you like!  But it can be so tricky to get the right prices when you are a small business ordering in smaller quantities.   There is no way I have any chance of the buying power from the big high street stores.  I have got to the point where I see them being sold for less than we can even buy them in!  But we am trying our best to find quality products and have some great new suppliers with absolutely lovely quality stock, am so excited and proud to have managed it! 

So what do you do with all the options out there?  We simply can't compete with the bargain and pound shops, there is just no way.  However, we can guarentee that the quality of our products will be much nicer and will give you a little friend to treasure for years rather than months!  I feel that by guarentting a nicer product we will slowly build up loyal supporters who value the time and effort we put into trying to make you smile!

Please take a second to think as you buy your next gonk.  They are so cute, and none of us can resist a bargain but instead of pressing refresh on the bigger sites, why not pop over and support our business dreams instead.  It makes that gonk even more of a special purchase and we'd really appreciate it!




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