Making something lovely, even more lovely!

Making something lovely, even more lovely!

I have a thing about trays. There, I said it!  Everything looks better sat on a tray, honestly, I swear!  Whether it is candles, a funky object, books, it just looks smarter.  Because of this slightly weird addiction I am always on the look out for the next one and wanted to sell them on my website.  I eventually found some lovely ones that are just that nice size to fit a few things on without taking up too much space.  Even better, they are round!  Why is this such a bit deal?  Because my second love is a lovely mandala, they are just so pretty!

So I set out to combine the two and the result was so pretty.  They take a little work but you really feel like you have created something and they look really pretty completed.  Even better, by using a holographic vinyl you get a different view at every angle.  They are also perfect for Christmas, I can't wait to see them all set out!

I really hope you like the result.  I hope to find a quiet afternoon soon to make some more.  If you have a design you'd like to see please let me know!

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