Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the Lilybet Loves Blog.  We are brand sparkly new and hope to document our journey as we get started with our online shop.  The good, the bad, the new developments and hopefully a few funny tales along the way!

To introduce myself, I am Liz and I am new to the world of online shops.  I have run a successful pet sitting business for nearly 15 years so am more used to planning and chatting! Coming from a service background means that I really do like to get to know my clients so I wanted to have something of an interactive shop.  I was keen to personalise things and make them truly unique.  I also wanted our products to be split between ohhh that is useful, to ohhh that makes me smile with a big dose of humour along the way!

I would like to embrace all my 'loves' so now I'm going to introduce a variety of Collections, from all things Kids, to things I can personalise, geeky tv memorabilia, cool prints, all things pets and a little horse racing along the way.  It is an eclectic mix but why not?  Along the way I will see where this takes me!

As I figure all this out I will take you on my journey so if nothing else you can find out why I thought this was a good idea!  I hope you enjoy.



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