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Welcome to the wonderful world of gonks!  Whether you are already a fan of these big nosed, fulffy bearded characters or if you have just discovered them you are in the right place! Also known as a Tomte or Nisse these mythical creatures have been part of folk law for generations.  They are said to be responsible for the protection and well being of your home and belongings, as well as being super cute!

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Gonks or Tomte play a special part in Christmas celebrations. They traditionally oversee the preperation of the family home for the festive season casting good wishes on the cleaning, baking, cooking and decorations. All they ask for in return is the respect and trust of the homeowner and a bowl of porridge with butter on Christmas Eve.  So make sure you leave refreshements for more than Santa and Rudolph this year!

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We are addicted to these fun little creatures at the Gonk Shop and are always looking for the next adorable one for our growing collection.

After discovering these sweet little Christmas tree hanging gonks last year we thought our clients might like them  . . they sold out and we started to work on our next find!  

We now have a growing collection of themed gonks for most celebrations including Easter, Autumn, Halloween, Christmas along with gonks for all year round!

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