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Stadium Rug: waterproof but soft, fully personalised - Lilybet loves
Lilybet loves

Stadium Rug: waterproof but soft, fully personalised

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These stadium rugs are quite rare in the UK but are really clever and useful. The outer is a slightly coarser material which is warm and shower proof while the inside is a lovely soft fleece. They are designed to give you that extra bit of comfort watching sporting events and do just that! But they are equally useful to have as more and more outdoor events start in the UK. They would be equally handy for camping trips or even cooler summer evenings in the garden. Honestly, we are in love!

Even better, these blankets can be personalised with a simple monogram, a logo, quote, name or cartoon. We went with a jaunty glitter gonk theme, why not make them a bit quirky?!

Available in navy blue and red only due to demand right now but please ask us if you are looking for another colour.


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