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Jewel door bow

Jewel door bow

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These were one of our most popular products last Christmas.  They really are effective and add a really festive finish touch to your door.  This door bow looks like you have spent ages creating something special but actually just ties on really easily! This is the larger version in the range.  It is made of slightly thicker material and features a jewelled centre.

This door bow is made of crisp fabric that holds in place and is extremely weather proof.  Mine still looked like new when I took it down last year.  They all also look really effective with (battery) lights threaded thru them.  I just popped the battery pack thru the letter box and tucked it into the reverse side of the bow.

We get asked a lot if these door bows block the letter box but they do not.  You simply set the vertical fabric to the side a little as you would if you were putting a corner bow on a parcel.  That ensures that it runs neatly to the side of the letterbox and actually makes it look better!

Each run of fabric is 9 metres long and 40 cms wide.



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